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Who Said It Wasn't Dreamy Being a Misfit?

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Annnnnnddddd, we're back with another post for Unintentional-Now-Intentional Soloist Week: Ladies Edition! Today, I get to scream about the newest (and first!) EP from msftz, Belief.

๐Ÿ“ธ: Spotify

Now, you're probably starting to learn a bit more about me and my music taste if you've been following along with my updates. Or, at least, think you're learning more about my music taste (because wow is it a HUGE range and varied, we just haven't necessarily gotten there yet ๐Ÿ‘€). One thing is certain, though: I love ballads and beautiful voices and msftz is NO exception.

Belief was another album I was beyond excited about when it was announced, especially since I had been enjoying the singles msftz had been dropping since her official debut in early 2020. Much like Hynn, I won't be spilling too many details in this post since an intro and master post will be going up for msftz in the future, but she is an indie singer who made her debut in early 2020 with Sony Music Korea. She has been active in music since 2017, however, by blessing us with SoundCloud exclusives.


msftz is just so fun. I would say that she definitely excels in her genre and, as an indie artist, she makes such enjoyable and wonderful music.

She comes AT YOU in "Heart", vocals starting up at literally the like 0:02 mark and just. yes. She doesn't give you time to stop and think about what you think about the song or the beat or instrumentals or progression or anything: she just said "hey, you're gonna listen to my siren song voice and love it, k?"

Around the 1:22 mark, there is a very brief a cappella moment that almost makes you feel like you're holding your breath with her as she sings. The sudden drift off and pause of the instruments in the background made me want to suddenly break out into applause. I LOVE THAT SO MUCH. WELL DONE, SHIN-AE!

When we come back from the pause and resume the song, the melody changes up a little and I just really appreciate the subtle variations in this song. All of the different ways the chorus was sung - soft or with more power, a little jazzy or a little more breathy - it just kept the song really fresh when it could easily have become predictable. I love this one.

An official MV was provided for "Heart", as it is the title track of the album, so it is linked below! Do take note that she spoiled us, really, and provided official lyric videos for all of the tracks on her official YouTube channel.

"Do You Feel Sad?" makes me feel very happy, actually! It sounds like bubbles and like I can hear her smile in her voice. It basically makes me do this face when I listen to it.

Her voice is just as smooth as it is in "Heart", but it's brighter. And there are moments where she harmonizes with herself for these adorable lil ad libs that sound so sweet and cheerful. Also, I'll say it: her tone and her vocal style remind me of BIBI, another artist I adore. msftz is like the breathier, gentler voice-sister of BIBI and I love it.

In true indie style, even a more upbeat song stays as an easy listen. Ironically, I put this song in my "smile tag" playlist, which are songs that I listen to and they make me smile, no matter what mood I'm in. There is just something about her voice, her energy, and the beats that were used that make this track a Happy Pill for me.

"100%" is a song that is perfect to throw on if you need to study, relax, or read. This track is very much what I would put on if I was somewhere on vacation, either on the beach of a lake or an ocean, and I had a book open and just needed some background music to really take me out of reality. It's not my favorite track on the album, but is still very charming.

However, on the total opposite end, I love "Well"! The guitar, the lower range of her voice, the rhythm and the melody she used for this song - it's kind of everything I need in my perfect song? I love that she added some spoken ad libs, since it makes the song stand out even more from the rest of the album, and overall, it really just sounds like she had so much fun recording this song. It's one that I would be looking forward to her performing live at a concert since it seems like one she would have fun performing and the audience would have fun singing with her.

msftz never really disappoints me. I just need to say. "Good Girl" is another song that just really hit the right spot for me. Her voice is so stable in this album and I love how she changes up her style for each song. The harmonies are fantastic in "Good Girl" and the hook is catchy AF. I guarantee I will have 'yes, I'm a good girl, good girl' stuck in my head for likely ever now, thanks, Shin-ae. There is also something about this song that makes me feel strangely nostalgic. I think it has to do with some kind of alternative/indie rock from my past, but specifically which group or song I can't pinpoint right now. I just know it hits tiny soft holes in my heart and I'm.

Beautifully, she ends the album with the track called "MISFITS". IT OPENS WITH NATURE SOUNDS, Y'ALL. LIKE? Other than that, though, this song? slaps. It's my favorite track on the album, with "Good Girl" following close behind.

She has really fun beats in this one! And her vocal range is something she really plays with, going from her high notes to almost whisper chanting (I won't call it rapping but... we got close?), and the rhythm is ever-changing. The message is great, too, and I just really love her and this track, especially because it feels like this track is really her power anthem, in some weird way.

Anyway. I really loved this album, getting to see more of msftz. I hope she begins to put out more music and that she knows she's great. I preordered this album and I can't wait for it to arrive!

We'll meet msftz again soon! See y'all shortly!


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