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Kim Namjoon??? In my Texas?! It's more likely than you think.

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

This isn't going to be a well thought out or impactful post- it's just me freaking out about Kim Namjoon in West Texas. ✌️🤠

I guess I should start off with why this has me so shook: I am from Texas and have lived here my whole life. I am from the coast, and grew up in an area below sea level (H-Town 'til I drown). I now live in Hill Country area, and I love the difference in terrain, even though my soul will always be tied to the ocean. I went to West Texas for the first time in July, and had an almost spiritual experience there. I know that sounds wild- but being from East Texas and metropolitan areas, and making a journey to a place in my state I've never been to before, that has a completely different climate, one of the most diverse National Parks in America, and also is home to a Dark Sky location? It really slammed into me; it changed me.

Knowing a K-pop Idol I really like and respect is there, making a similar journey impacted me today. With K-pop, and me dipping my toes into learning more about Korean culture, media, and even the language, seeing someone come here and appreciating my culture is really special. When I saw he was in Marfa, I screamed at work.

Beauty and art is not something that people widely associate with Texas when they're not from here, but there is truly some beautiful locations. People will most often attribute this to the Hill Country area of Texas, and trust me- it is beautiful. I feel grateful I live in this area, and I'm able to take in the rolling hills and geography on a daily basis, but West Texas has our mountains, mesas, rock formations, and high desert climate. To get there, you truly have to TREK out there as well. This isn't something you take a 40 min drive to out of the city; when I drove there from Austin, it was a 6 hour drive, and that was going 80mph- which is the speed limit out there since everything is SO FREAKING FAR AWAY.

Namjoon journeyed there to take in a notorious contemporary art museum- the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas, specifically the Donald Judd exhibit. In his IG story, he posted clips of the tour he's on with discussion about the art exhibit, and then his own comments and discussion about the lighting and space (I RELATE KIM NAMJOON & I'D LOVE TO DISCUSS 👀). The man's love for art is evident from his first few days on IG, and from past information he's felt comfortable divulging with us. I can't wait to see what else he'll post.

He also visited West Texas while the moon phase is a waxing crescent- the new moon was just 3 days ago. Tonight he'll be able to see the Milky Way with the naked eye and it is truly an awe inspiring sight. For a man who loves nature and art, he certainly made a great choice coming out here during this time in my opinion. I hope he's able to take in the stars, or better yet- go to McDonald Observatory.

This is not nearly the same as professional photos, but is 10 sec exposure on an iPhone

I hope he's able to go to Big Bend and see the Rio Grande and the Mexico border (rumors have it he's going to Mexico next- but I don't really want to know until he announces it. MANS DESERVES PRIVACY- ALL IDOLS DO)- because Big Bend National Park is gorgeous.

The pics I have were all taken on an iPhone. If you're curious: 1-3 here are on the drive in Big Bend National Park, 4-5 are the Rio Grande and Texas/Mexico border, and 6 is the Chisos Basin- near some of the highest elevation in the park at 5,400ft.

I don't really know what else to say- this has been me screeching about the mashup of two things I really love- and my hope that more people go out that direction to see it for themselves and have their own experiences. I hope Namjoon enjoys his much deserved trip, and has as much privacy and peace as he can get. Of course, you should check out and follow him on his new IG, as well as the other members of BTS.

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