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Houston, We Have a (K-Pop) Problem

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

I don't know how I scammed my way in here but here I am.


Hi, hello, yes- my name is Libby/Lib/Liberty/Elizardbeth/Alien, and you can call me what you want in this corner. I'm from Texas, I'm a newer fan with K-Pop, and I really got into it during 2020 (lol).

I started my K-Pop journey by being passively into it during 2019, when one of my best friends ever (โœจAsh) introduced me to Run BTS, and variety show content with several different groups. I liked it a lot! I just didn't understand what was happening, and spent a lot of time buffering- trying to understand the games, the secret missions, info about members- and all the things new fans learn when getting into a new group.

We did watch music videos too, and I always wanted to discuss the use of colors, composition, motifs during & after we would finish a mv. I focused a lot on the visual aspects first (as many people do), and fell in love with the music second. It was like seeing Willy Wonka's factory, and after I was present for several album unboxings with her, it made me realize just how little Western artists provide us in comparison. So of course, I went down the K-Pop rabbit hole, and now here I am as an active fan!

I used to do photography in school, and I love the visuals K-Pop artists spoil us with. I've always loved and listened to a lot of different music genres and music influences, though of course I have visuals and sounds I'll gravitate to more than others.

That's essentially what I'll be *attempting* to discuss here- I have no idea how cohesive this will be, but my goal is to have an outlet to discuss the art besides me screaming about how attractive or devastating the artists faces, bodies, and fits are. That's a given at this point with how much we're spoiled. Yes there will be thirst content here, but these are artists who are giving us a lot with intention so I'm gonna try and point out what I notice.

It can be daunting getting into big groups who have several years worth of content, memes, info, etc. to catch up on, but I am working on it and a lot of these artists make it worth it. I'm really into and actively learning about Got7, Stray Kids, BTS, Seventeen, Monsta X, TXT, ONEUS, BTOB, EXO, and SF9- but I'm getting into more groups by the day. These are the ones I started with, and I know the most about. This also includes solo work!

I'm also getting into Dreamcatcher, VERIVERY, Vixx, Pixy, Twice, Purple Kiss, CL, Eric Nam, and more! I'm also learning Korean right now with the killer owl app, and am somehow picking up on it pretty decent considering I was always horrendous at learning languages in school????

I also have at least 40 albums now, and I'll also post about those and the photos and concepts that gag me.

If that interests you, great! If it doesn't, also great! ๐Ÿค  If you're new and have questions, you're more than welcome to ask me questions. My ability to answer them is up in the air, but yolo. Thanks for swinging by.

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