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Frost came into my home, and kicked me in the face

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

First off, I would like to commend TXT for this performance. Everyone brings their A-game for this one, and they are really settling in to their color. They delivered amazing facial expressions and dancing for this performance.



Ahem, Sorry, let me include the full credits, because everyone deserves a kudos at the very least.

things they did: that

Now, if you're like my mother and prone to seizures- do not watch this. You probably can't watch a good amount of KPop content, and for that I am sorry. If you ever want a safe play by play that won't be a seizure risk, hit me up.

I LOVE that the lighting went through the spectrum of colors, including black and white, and we had a lot of interesting lighting on the members against the backdrop. It invoked 3D and even Kill Bill stylizations for me, and I am so here for it. I know a lot of MOA are too! They're rightfully getting a lot of love and attention for this.

It starts off with some smoke, beautiful mood lighting, and their faces away from the camera- this leads in to some noise and corruption effects about 5 seconds in, while they get to their next mark. Immediately, they're telling us they mean business, and you're being dragged along for the ride- whether or not you're ready.

before this, Yeonjun just flicked his tongue out like a lil snake

Also, idk if it's just me, but the "I'm so shocked" lyric at the beginning with the music really reminds me of The Used or 30 Seconds to Mars.

Chaos is something they frequently reference in this song, and the performance really helps heighten that. Honestly the color block transitions are so quick, I can't even screencap them the way that I want to.

These next two images are literally split seconds for example


We transition into this pink and purple lighting for Yeonjun and Huening Kai's part, which discusses being in the Spring time but still feeling cold and alone. I love the indigo lighting that's coming up as their shadows, and for the edge of their stage- so to speak.

Then Taehyun and Beomgyu sing about isolation being overwhelming, and we get this gorgeous warm sunset lighting- yellow orange for the backdrop, and bold red for the performers.

The pre-chorus with Soobin and Yeonjun starts off with some of my favorite red lighting block in this video- while they're singing about chaos and hallucinations.

ALSO!!! I love how much movement this performance has- in their bodies, their facial expressions, and the lighting. It really does give further credence to the theme of losing control- and having a hell of a fun time while it happens. We are not even at the full minute mark here people!!

Time for the chorus- I screamed when I first saw this

I can't get over the lighting transitions- I almost don't know what else to say. This is a video where you'll likely feel compelled to watch more than once, and you don't want to blink because you'll miss a color transition or an expression.

This plum background with yellow detail lighting is a moment, especially with Taehyun guiding their turn with his hand in the air like a puppeteer.

Yeonjun is really one to keep your eye on for the expressions- he doesn't give a f- and I love that for us. Honestly if you're up for it, you should watch each member once through. And at least 5-6 times for the lighting.


We come back to this beautiful pink, purple, indigo lighting. Honestly- chef's kiss.

Back with the harsh color blocking, during aggressive choreo hits,

and then into this more 'normal' lighting that you expect for performances, where they really enhance the performer's natural beauty. Oh yeah, all of this occurs while they're singing about despair and death.

Into this beautiful black and white tone for the pre-chorus. I love Yeonjun and Taehyun's heads popping up when "Voices calling me, I'm in chaos now" is being sung by Huening Kai.

and this dance + color transition happens within 5 seconds

Time? We don't know her- but we do know this sunset lighting. How nice to see you again.

But not for too long, because we're back to the more natural lighting we expect to see for performance videos.

The last minute is spent oscillating between the color blocking and lighting we've seen before- but that does not make it any less impressive. In fact, with how quickly it pans back and forth between different tones and values, it's honestly really impactful and sweeps you away with them, while they give in to the chaos they were initially trying to escape.

Anyone else getting a callback to those iPod commercial ads, circa early 2000s?

The camera angles in this video are also great- not to sound like a broken record but the camera movements further invoke the feeling of chaos, especially when they leave their wide shot fixed spot at the front of the stage. I mean- the song is about chaos, the album is called Chaos Chapter- they're making sure we got the message.

Honestly if I haven't sold you by this point- you should check it out for yourself. Maybe re-watch it just because, if you already have seen it.

Again, huge kudos and applause to TXT and their entire crew who helped them pull this off. This is a great example of visual storytelling being done on a contained stage and space.


This review got a little away from me- but yolo I am a Lighting Ho and I will happily spam things I think are pretty or catch my attention.

Is there any video you would like to see me review? I am but a simple magpie, and I like shiny things- comment any suggestions below or submit it through our contact section. Thanks for joining me on this ride.

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