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diving a little deeper into The Rose: a master post

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

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Since this is a masterpost, it's gonna get real repetitive, real quick. Don't worry, Kim Woosung will have his own individual post! On to The Rose!

"let's get it" - jeon jeongguk

If you gravitate towards hard hitters, rocker vibes, or faster paced songs, these tracks from The Rose best fit that category. Fair warning: The Rose has a no-skip discography for me so this will be.. a struggle for me. ๐Ÿ˜Œ These are in no particular order but just know that Kim Woosung sings in literal cursive and Dojoon sings in very regal serif.

If you tend to enjoy more vocal-focused songs or ballads, you will love The Rose. I will never shut up about "Sorry" or Woosung and Dojoon's harmonies towards the end. NEVER. EVER.

"Black Rose" is a very special song and music video to us. It was a surprise release and the last one the boys dropped as a group before Dojoon, Hajoon, and Jaehyeong's enlistment. It was a gift to their fans, Black Roses, as we would have to wait for the boys to reunite with the uncertainty of what would happen with the group, their music, and their well-being after their former company refused to treat them properly. I swear I don't cry everytime I listen to this song or watch this video.


Say the music got you and you're at the "now i just wanna know their names" stage. Below are some videos that can help you with that, depending on what kind of a learner you are.


Variety Show Content

Un/helpful Guides

ANYWAYS. I hope this guide helped, well, guide you! See you in the next one!

Until then,

Ash โœจ

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