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diving a little deeper into IU: a master post

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

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Since this is a masterpost, it's gonna get real repetitive, real quick. For all of our sakes, let's just cut to the chase!

"let's get it" - jeon jeongguk

If you gravitate towards more upbeat tracks, these songs will probably be good to start with. IU has so many great songs that will put an extra pep in your step while you literally just exist.

For those who vibe more with vocal-heavy songs or ballads, here you are:

For those who like choreo, IU does choreo in a fun way (in my opinion). She's usually pretty minimal with her choreo, but it really works for her and her concepts. She has the right amount of elegant swag behind her moves that make it all come together.


Say the music got you and you're at the "now i just wanna know their names" stage. Below are some videos that can help you with that, depending on what kind of a learner you are.


Variety Shows

I'm going to add two of my favorite episodes from her own series, IU's Palette! Her interview with ITZY and her interview with SHINee are just so endearing and I think show her heart so well. I highly recommend checking out the extra content on her YouTube channel, in general!

Un/helpful Guides

I hope this guide helped, well, guide you! See you in the next one!

Until then,

Ash โœจ

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