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diving a little deeper into Chanmina: a master post

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

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Since this is a masterpost, it's gonna get real repetitive, real quick. For all of our sakes, let's just cut to the chase!

"let's get it" - jeon jeongguk

If you gravitate towards more upbeat tracks, these songs will probably be good to start with. Chanmina is a QUEEN so, this will be fun!

For those who vibe more with vocal-heavy songs or ballads, Chanmina's got you covered, too. Here you are:

For those who like choreo, there isn't a huge selection to choose from (as of yet). However, if you watch Chanmina's live performances, you definitely can watch her vibe and groove with some loose choreo as she has a blast on stage! The songs she DOES dance to (Bijin, My Own Lane, etc.) FUCKING SLAP, Y'ALL.


Say the music got you and you're at the "now i just wanna know their names" stage. Below are some videos that can help you with that, depending on what kind of a learner you are.


Variety Shows

Unfortunately, it's STUPID hard to find any good translated content for Chanmina. However, in these videos, you can still see how she interacts, her personality, and her genuine human nature. Perhaps y'all will get lucky and have a friend on hand who is fluent enough in Japanese and can translate! HIGHLY recommend the BTS with Jamie and Chanmina for the remix of Best Friend, though.

Un/helpful Guides

THERE ARE NONE. AND NO ONE MADE ANY CUTE MOMENT COMPILATIONS. SO. Hopefully that changes as more people fall in love with this queen. Until then, have the OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO OF BIJIN. The story, the art, the message, the music; everything in this is just exquisite.

I hope this guide helped, well, guide you! See you in the next one!

Until then,

Ash โœจ

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